Try to maintain at least 30cm in between the leather sofa and heating source. Prolonged exposure to heat vents or radiators will cause the leather to dry out, to crack or to become hardened.

Avoid placing the furniture directly under the sunlight. All materials will fade over time. Do NOT PLACE aniline leathers in
windows or under skylights!

Do not allow any of your pets onto the leather sofa. Pets have sharp claws which can scratch the leather. Their saliva is very
ACIDIC to the leather.

Never use harsh chemical or paint around the leather sofa. Keep materials like nail polish, bleach, nail polish remover and
glue away from the leather. avoid ALL products containing solvent or oil, as they will adversely aect the surface of the

Caring your Fabric Sofa
– Fading can occur and may speed up by direct and in-direct
– Keep fabric away from the heater.
– Vacuum regularly using low suction.

Spot Cleaning
– Treat spill and stain as soon as possible.
– Gently remove or absorb the liquid from the surface of the
– Apply cleaning agent strictly according to instruction.

General Cleaning
– Use proprietary brand upholstery shampoo.
– Do not use dishwashing or laundry detergent.
– Do not scrub with a stick brush.
– Dry under the shade away from direct heat or sunlight.
– Allow drying thoroughly before re-use.

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